The Zombie Infection Simulation Compendium

This is a collection of all known versions of the Zombie Infection Simulation, created by Kevan Davis. ZIS and its variants are created with Processing, a Java-based, visual, open source programming language. All original and modified versions offer the source code for download.


  • ZIS v2.0 by Kevan Davis
    The earliest version available from August 2003. Zombies are grey, and there is no population adjustment.
  • ZIS v2.3 by Kevan Davis
    The definitive original version. Adds green zombie toggle and population adjustment.


  • ZIS v2.3 modified by Matt Cordes
    This mod of v2.0 allows humans to fight back, and shows corpses in red. Zombies may be wiped out abruptly, depending on chance.
  • ZIS v2.3.5 modified by Kalleboo
    Mod of Matt Cordes version. Double-sized for visibility, with statistics added.
  • ZIS vMFF-1.9 by Markleford Friedman
    This mod of Kevan's v2.3 adds hunters and blue zombie corpses
  • Zombie3 (Stop the Zombies!) by Hardcore Pawn
    Hyper-fast simulation that allows you to nuke the zombies with your mouse. Much harder than it looks!
  • The Incredible Zombie Machine by Mario Lopez
    The best mod to date. Features a huge city, detailed statistics, population and military adjustment, color toggle, an option to allow weapons, and a nuclear option! Here are the key commands:

    + increase population a toggle guns
    - decrease population n launch nukes
    ] increase military g toggle zombie color
    [ decrease military c toggle military color
    z, i, o reload d reset to default


  • Zombie4 by Hardcore Pawn
    A top-down shooter inspired by ZIS where you hunt down zombies before they infect the population!

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